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Webinar Series

Resilience: Human Trafficking Survivors Master Class

Join us each Thursday in May for a master class in resilience from four leaders and human trafficking survivors. Register for each webinar individually below. There is no cost to attend the webinars.

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For questions or additional guidance, contact the Coalition To End Human Trafficking in Santa Cruz and Monterey Counties.

Falling Forward: Reframing Resilience as a Personally Sacred Journey of Vulnerability While Being Able to Take a Present Breath

Sara Kruzan

May 7, 12 PM Pacific Time Registration Open Now

Sara Kruzan

Sex Trafficking Survivor, Freedom Fighter, Agent of Hope

This webinar will cover how to identify potential harm in denying and in judgement of one’s authentic truth. We will also look at steps to move through healing accountability while gently acknowledging internal and external needs of self, others and interpersonal community. We will also honor my and another’s journey with compassion and learn to be present and breathe. We will work to be UnTied in the UniTed States, a compassionate approach to reduce harm for children and adult sexual abuse survivors.

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Cultivating Resilience

May 14, 12 PM Pacific Time Registration Now Open

Cari Herthel

Survivor Leader, Speaker Consultant, Resource Specialist, Engaged Coalition Partner based in Montery County California

In this webinar Cari Herthel will share as a survivor leader, practical tools and skills to navigate life’s adversities and challenges, offering self regulation to uncertain times.

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LGBTQ2IA+ Human Trafficking, Healing Justice and Resiliency

May 21, 12 PM Pacific Time Registration Now Open

Erik Gray

Innovations HTC Programs Director, Thurston County Human Trafficking Taskforce Chair

Indigenous healing gives a sense of belonging, connection to culture, community, and relationships. This workshop seeks to educate attendees on the importance and impact of indigenous healing relative to resiliency building to and from Human Trafficking. Participants will gain understanding around the intersections of decolonization work, human trafficking, and LGBT2QIA+ inclusion.

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The Void

Regina Evans

May 28, 12 PM Pacific Time Registration Now Open

Regina Evans

Award Winning Playwright, Poet, Costumer, Performer, Social Enterprise Entrepreneur

If we are lucky, during our life span there will be a divine space in time where the nonsensical reigns, complete surrender beckons, and faith and doubt morph into oneness. How do we traverse life when it decides to turn upon a slippery slope of voided nothingness? Please join us for a storytelling time of resiliency, of hard earned wisdom, and of the strength to believe in the ability to thrive magnificently.

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We would like to thank our partners, Santa Cruz County Human Services and Monterey County Rape Crisis Center.